UiTM Chamber Choir Concert 2017 Shines In Vienna.

UiTM Chamber Choir Concert 2017 Shines In Vienna.

A message from His Excellency the Malaysian Ambassadir to Austria, Dato’ Adnan Haji Othman, who is an alumni of UiTM.

“Last night 18 October 2017, I had the honour to host the University of Technology Mara (UiTM) Chamber Choir Concert in the Gläserner Saal of the Musikverein, Vienna, Austria.

Some of the more than 250 guests who attended the concert, included ambassadors and diplomats, heads and representatives from the United Nations offices and international organisations in Vienna, heads and representatives from Austria’s Chamber of Commerce (WKO), Austria-Malaysia Association and the Austrian business community, friends of Malaysia and Malaysians residing in Vienna.

The concert was indeed honoured by the attendance of His Excellency Dr. Peter Stephan ZURBRIGGEN, Archbishop, Apostolic Nuncio and the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, and Mr. Suleiman Jasir Al-Herbish, Director-General of the OPEC Fund for International Development.

Based on the kind and generous compliments I received when seeing the guests off, they were all mesmerized by the beautiful voices and sounds, as well as, enchanted by the gentle and catchy performances by the 31 member UiTM Chamber Choir and the 16 UiTM Women’s Chorale under the phenomenal and virtuoso conductor Dr. Masashi Kishimoto. I believe that last night all the guests did not expect to see a world-class performance by a non-professional group of university students comprising 15 young men and 16 young women. And the guests were treated to one great performance, indeed.

Well. Congratulations and SYABAS to Dr. Ramona, Dr. Masashi and all you guys in the UiTM Chamber Choir. Just as I proudly presented all of you to the guests last night, I am even more proud of you for your talents and performance. I believe all Malaysians who saw your performance last night are also very proud of you as well.

The UiTM Chamber Choir, as I have told guests last night, is relatively very young. Although you are now about 2 years 7 months old to date, you have proven to the guests in the Gläserner Saal of the Musikverein, Vienna, Austria last night that your victories in Bali, Indonesia 2015, Prague. Czech Republic 2016 and Kalamata, Greece are all well deserved, and that you are one of the best Chamber Choir and Women’s Chorale in town.

I wish all you guys the best of luck. Keep working hard, keep striving and keep reaching for the highest note in your musical challenge and ambition.”


Dato’ Adnan Haji Othman
Ambassador of Malaysia to Austria

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