Mini Reunion of UiTM Alumni in Frankfurt

Mini Reunion of UiTM Alumni in Frankfurt


A short despatch from PAUITM President, Zaini Hassan


BAD HOMBURG, FRANKFURT, GERMANY Nov 2 – This is my third day here. Yesterday, the Director of Tourism Malaysia in Frankfurt, Amin Yahya invited me to his office. Incidentally, Amin was Masscommite 86 and I was Masscommite 85. His deputy, Rizal Mas, meanwhile, was UiTM Tourism 94.


Former UiTM Visiting Professor, Prof Dr Gerhard joined us for his favourite Lontong Johorin Frankfurt…of all places.

After a short meeting, Amin invited me for dinner at a halal restaurant in town. His driver drove us to the place, which was situated just nearby Frankfurt’s train station. The place is called ‘Pandan- A Taste of Malaysia.’

I said to him, “Thank you for bringing us here. It feels like home already.”


Among dishes conjured up by our Alumni, Idris of ‘Pandan – A Taste of Malaysia’ in Frankfurt.

Seated in the welcoming ambiance of the place, the owner cum chef of Pandan hastened to our table and introduced himself.

“Saya Idris,” he said, “and today Pandan is exactly two months and a day old.”

I reciprocated the warm welcome and said, “We are having a small reunion of UiTM Alumni at your place here.”

Idris interjected and declared, “Saya bukan UiTM, tapi budak ITM.” He was Hotcat 80!

To this we all laughed.


Dear Prof Gerhard came for this, too – his favourite Malaysian dish, Lontong Johor.


Idris hastened back to his environment to be in his elements, where he conjured up his signature ‘Ayam Kurma.’

Incidentally, Frankfurter Professor Dr Gerhard, who was a former Visiting Professor at UiTM was also with us to enjoy his favourite Lontong Johor.




It was a great time for camaraderie across the years but still alumni all of us, no less.

Why? Imagine across thousands of kilometres, which began with me taking the train from London’s St Pancras Station and now finding myself ensconced among UiTM alumni in the frigid clime of western Germany.

“As I used to say before, if we throw a pebble at a group of people in Malaysia or anywhere else, it will surely hit an ITM alumni…”

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